Wednesday, March 16, 2011

to bridal herself up.

This entry is not a "project" post, but I got some bargains so I thought I'd share!

My wonderful family threw me the perfect bridal shower this past weekend in New York. I had no doubt it would be wonderful, considering my sister is incredibly creative and a master planner/secret-keeper.

I stressed about my outfit for a good month or two, but when I saw the ivory pencil skirt in J.Crew, I knew we had a winner (it was on sale for $50)! I got the ivory cashmere t-shirt for $80 from J.Crew when they had one of their many 20% online discounts. The shoes I've had for awhile (also J.Crew), and I got those on sale too! I guess when you're on every other day (and in their stores on the off days), you're bound to find some deals...

My favorite part of the look is the awesome necklace I got at an online Kate Spade sample sale for $60 (it's regularly $200)!! It's so sparkly and fun, and it complimented the skirt beautifully.

I can't wait to wear every single piece from this outfit again and again! You're probably going to be seeing a lot of these items :)

Taking some glam shots at home before the shower.

A few of my lovely bridesmaids: Ali, Erin (sister!) and Jenn (L to R).

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