Monday, June 6, 2011

for a day with her momma.

My mom came in this weekend to help with all of the last-minute wedding preparations. We were running all over the place, buying pretty much everything in sight. Sunday was a little more relaxing and we had plans to hit Michigan Ave to do some shopping- a perfect excuse to wear one of my mixed print outfits.

I bought all of the pieces at the J.Crew Factory store near my fiance's lake house in Michigan while avoiding the lousy weather with my lovely friend Kate. Everything in the store was 40% off, so I got this dress and scarf for $45 total!! I love the green color of the stripes in the dress, and that it's slightly shorter than most maxi dresses. I chose the scarf so the greens could play off each other, and because it's an infinity scarf (sometimes I hate when the ends are hanging down, being annoying and getting caught in things). I also wore a pendant I got from F21 for like $5, a belt from J.Crew factory to give the dress a little definition and my Club Monaco hat, to keep my precious face sunburn-free (peeling noses and wedding dresses do not work well together). Oh, and I left Lou at home and brought an old Marc Jacobs bag with a cross-body strap, just in case I needed my hands free to peruse the racks. 

The picture isn't great because it's from my iPhone (like my other pictures have been so fabulous, haha). I lost my camera cord; I think I left it in Vegas, but I figure I could have lost a whole lot more so I'll take it. Anyway, all of my pictures are trapped in my camera until I drag myself to Best Buy to get another one, which is highly unlikely for the next 12 days being that I'm smack dab in the middle of wedding crunch time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

to mix & match.

One trend I'm seeing everywhere right now is mixed prints. Initially I thought I could never pull it off, but the more and more I saw it in magazines and on websites, the more and more it grew on me. Add that to the purpose of my blog in the first place (taking chances and styling up my closet), I knew mixed prints would be my next project. Here's a picture that inspired me (I finally realized taking pictures of ripped out magazine pages might not be the best way to display these "inspiration pictures", so I googled this one):

I love Rachel Bilson and her column in InStyle, so I'm not surprised she's so effortlessly pulling off polka dots and stripes. Whitney Port's stripes and leopard print is also adorable (never would have thought of mixing those two...).

I'm really looking forward to rocking this trend :) I set this project's budget at $100 (our quickly approaching wedding is draining my shopping funds. Get ready for some sprees come June 19).