Monday, April 30, 2012

to make a statement.

I'm sure you've all figured out by now that this girl loves a statement necklace. Not just any love- that semi-hysterical, stalker-ish, incessant phone calls kind of obsession. I just can't seem to get enough! Right now I'm in the market for a yellow necklace and an oversized chain link necklace. Once again I wandered over into way-out-of-my-budget territory and fell in love with these two:

#1: who does chain link better than David Yurman? #2Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta necklace

Friday, April 27, 2012

in neon.

Another day, another bright skirt. This one, however, is pleated and much longer than this girl is used to. I scooped it up on sale at Anthropologie about a month ago and couldn't decide how I should wear it. I thought it was a good Freaky Friday feature, seeing as it's well outside of my comfort zone (I'm quite the slut and usually wear my skirts tres short).

blazer: American Eagle tank: F21 skirt: Anthropologie shoes: Calvin Klein

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

and breaks out the brights.

I stepped it up today with a bright pencil skirt, heels and my favorite flashy necklace. No fancy outfit is complete without my bump, polka dots and my Lou, though, of course. For some hilarious Lou-related humor, you HAVE to read this. Enjoy the giggles, loves.

skirt: J.Crew (here) top: Madewell necklace & shoes: Kate Spade bag: Louis Vuitton, obvi

Monday, April 23, 2012

in her dreams.

There no better way to spend a quiet Monday night than shopping online. While perusing my favorites sites, I frequently come across things that are just way above my means, but of course I fall in love with them anyway. In this new weekly feature I'm going to torture myself, pretend I have unlimited funds and feature what I would buy if my hard-earned dollars didn't have to be spent on silly things like rent and food.

This week I'm distracted by the impending wedding season- so many new dresses to buy! Here's what I'd wear to Florida nuptials:

dressHerve Leger shoesBrian Atwood earringsJuicy Couture

Friday, April 13, 2012

with the primary colors.

I had an extremely hard time getting dressed this morning. At the peak of my frustration I pulled every blindingly bright thing from my closet and put them all on at the same time... then threw on some animal print for good measure. All in all it was one of those "do I look cute or absolutely crazy??" kind of days. Definitely fit the bill for Freaky Friday, though!

jeans: J.Crew (here) jacket: J.Crew (old) shirt: Madewell (found on sale in NY) flats: Tieks (here)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

on a blustery day.

Shame on me for not wearing my bright purple tights today with this Kate Spade dress- I froze my tush off in the cold Chicago wind. Luckily, I overdosed on the hair spray this morning so my bun didn't move an inch.

dress, shoes and necklace: Kate Spade (all sold out)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

for the Easter bunny.

Happy Easter loves! Hope you're all having fantastic Sundays. I was so excited to wear this citron pencil skirt that I bought over 40 days ago- the perfect pop of color for Easter.

skirtJ.Crew sweaterGap shoesTalbots

Thursday, April 5, 2012

and can see the finish line.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness- Lent ends tonight!!! Some people say it ends on Sunday, but my Google search AND my mother-in-law, the best Catholic I know, say Thursday. I can't even contain my excitement over wearing something new and different for the first time in 40+ days. How will I ever decide??

I'm also going on a marathon shopping trip in the suburbs on Saturday (I gave up shopping for Lent, too!). I'm thinking I should call the mall ahead of time to warn them, and make sure they have ample inventory in my size.

I can't be 100% proud of my Lent accomplishment- I did cheat here and here. However, I unsubscribed from all of my shopping emails and haven't order anything online since February. That's called success in lauren goes shopping land.

There are some Lent outfits that I failed to take pictures of- I'll get a recap up on the blog soon! In the meantime, here's yesterday:

#10: BR necklace
#28: Old Navy cardigan
#29: Loft booties
#31: J.Crew white t-shirt
#32: H&M pleather pants

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

and has a weak moment.

Well, I think I put up a pretty solid effort for my Lent challenge this year. I was so close to the finish line, but the combination of being in my shopping Mecca, the new no-tax-on-items-under-$110-law in NY and my first visit to a Madewell store was just too much for me. I bought 4 things. Oopsie doopsies.

These are my best "for shame" looks:

#2: J.Crew white sweater
#6: LV bag
#20: J.Crew flats
#30: J.Crew blazer
#33: J.Crew colored denim
BR trench coat - not included in Lent challenge

Monday, April 2, 2012

for a birthday dinner.

I'm so happy I got to spend my sister's special day with her in NYC. Celebrations definitely call for loud floral pants and big buns, don't you think?

#2: J.Crew white sweater
#3: Floral pants
#4: Talbots heels
#5: Pearl stud earrings
#30: J.Crew blazer

Sunday, April 1, 2012

at the airport.

I always want to be comfortable on an airplane, but I don't want to completely sacrifice style and wear my pj's. The good thing about leggings- they are so comfortable and look semi-decent. These things are even more important when you book a 7am flight on a Saturday...

The adorable little puppy is my niece, Cora. At least one of us is looking at the camera!

#9: Michael Kors boots
#10: BR necklace
#19: Lululemon leggings
#30: J.Crew blazer
#35: Lands End tunic