Friday, July 27, 2012

and roots for the home team.

Phew, TGIF. I'm so happy to be relaxing at home, watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics - can't wait for the swimming and gymnastics. I am the pretty much the farthest thing from an athlete, and these people amaze me with their strength and abilities. Hope you all have lovely weekends, and go USA!

P.S. these pictures have nothing to do with what I wrote above, it's just what I wore today.

jacket: BR topAnn Taylor skirt: J.Crew shoes: Pour la Victoire 
bag: Longchamp sunglasses: Anthropologie earrings: J.Crew Factory

Thursday, July 26, 2012

and has buyer's remorse.

My buyer's remorse is a little different than an average person's...I get highly upset when I pass on buying something adorable that I later decide I must have, and when I go back it's GONE. I know, what a nightmare.

I am still in love with my peplum dress from Zara, and I'm having my kind of buyer's remorse for not buying the skirt version they had a couple of months ago. I was sulking about my failure this morning, when it dawned on me that I could turn my dress into a skirt. It wasn't perfect - my leopard top was a little too long and bunched around my waist, but it worked pretty well and made me happy for the day, anyway. Hope you all had lovely days, as well!

dress: Zara top: J.Crew Factory necklace: BR shoes: Talbots

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

for some birthday celebrations.

After a two week blogging siesta, I'm back in action with a little birthday outfit. I scored this dress from F21 for $27 and I figured it was perfect for my 27th birthday. My stepmom gave me the J.Crew bracelet that was just the right fate.

dress: Forever 21 necklace & earrings: J.Crew shoes: Pour La Victoire (20% off here)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

and celebrates her love of animal print.

I own far too many articles of animal print clothing, so once every couple of months I make an effort to wear all of these pieces in one week. Keeps my life interesting. Here are some snapshots of my most recent effort...

dress & shoes: Kate Spade necklace: J.Crew

sadly, everything: J.Crew

shirt & pants: J.Crew shoes: Talbots sunglasses: Ray-Ban

my sister, me and our friend megan at the flea market.

top & necklace: J.Crew sunglasses: Stylemint