Friday, March 11, 2011

jingling all the way.

I wore my first outfit to work yesterday, and it was a great success! I still had to wear my UGGS for the commute and change shoes; I guess I was wrong with my "spring is just around the corner" statement...

These were the inspiration pictures I used:

And here's how I interpreted the look:

The navy H&M pants were a little short, but super comfortable, and they'll be great with sandals in the summer. The nude pumps are mine (Calvin Klein), as is the skinny gold belt (J.Crew). I loved the tie on the blouse, and the animal print cardigan (to play off the model's animal print bag) fit like a glove. It was also an awesome buy for $25- I know I'll wear this sweater to death (both the shirt and cardigan are also from H&M).

Last but not least, the F21 cocktail ring and bangles, mixed with my David Yurman bracelets, added the finishing touches to my outfit. Their clanking and jingling let everyone within a 50 yd radius know I was a-coming :)

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  1. Love the blog! Looks like you are having a ton of fun. Minor suggestion. Can you breakdown like what the estimated cost of the magazine outfit is and then what your interpretation of the outfit cost? Well done keep up the great work!!!