Wednesday, May 23, 2012

in her favorite dress.

I was so happy to free this dress from exile when I switched over my closet last weekend- it's one of my favorite silhouettes. I love it so much I even picked it for my bridesmaids- you're welcome, ladies.

dress: J.Crew (herebelt: J.Crew bag: Kate Spade shoes: Pour La Victoire (here)

Friday, May 18, 2012

for max-i potential (freaky friday).

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and my wardrobe is itching for some new dresses to wear. I've tried the whole borrow-a-dress-from-a-friend or re-wear-an-old-dress (gasp) thing, but it never works out for me. Being newly married myself and remembering how very special my wedding day was, I feel like every wedding deserves a fabulous new frock. It's my way of expressing to the bride how excited I am for her on the best day of her life (I'm aware that this is mildly ridiculous, it just sounds so reasonable in my head).

I want to try something new for a Chicago wedding we have in June. I've never gone maxi for nuptials, so I'm making this my next project. My budget is $200 and I've already been all over my favorite websites. There are so many gorgeous options...this is going to be harder than picking a groom.

Zara dress with appliques on collar (here)

Enza Costa open back maxi dress (here on shopbop)

Mango color block maxi dress (here on asos)

J.Crew Lucienne long one-shoulder dress (here)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

covered in spots.

How many polka dots can a girl wear at one time? As many as she wants! I loved my overly polka dotted outfit- each piece is so comfortable, it felt like I was wearing pajamas. Come to think of it, my pattern on pattern is very reminiscent of a PJ set...whatever, that VS model looks pretty dang good in it.

blazer: American Eagle top: Zara (here - $20!!!jeans: AG (herewedges: Kate Spade

Monday, May 14, 2012

for some serious shade (instead of rent).

I read in Lucky a few months back that cat's eye frames were the cat's meow for Spring shades. Of course anything Lucky says is gold, so I've been shopping around for the perfect pair. My mom and sister deemed some from C Wonder too silly, and every other pair I've found has seemed too chintzy. These Dior stunners are definitely not too chintzy, but are a little out of my price range for an of-the-moment purchase.

Dior Cat's Eye Sunglasses (here)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

to button herself up.

How do you go from work-day-chic to night-time-glamour? Must be one of life's great mysteries. I gave it my best effort with a buttoned-up look on top and a sassy lace skirt with heels on the bottom. I wish I had changed up my hair and added a lipstick to greater differentiate my day and night I see why grown-ups carry "make-up bags" in their purses- I have to get with the program.

jacket: BR sweater: J.Crew shirt: J.Crew (similarskirt: Joe Fresh (visit them in NY!
necklace: Kate Spade shoes: Talbots bag: LV

Monday, May 7, 2012

on a grey day.

There's nothing like perpetual Spring showers to make you sick of your wrinkled, drab trench coat. I am so ready for a nice, hot summer...however, the rain could stick around for a bit longer if I wanted to go bankrupt and buy got to saunter around in this beauty.

Burberry Striped Jacquard Slim Trench Coat (here)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

and continues her peplum affair.

This dress might be my best purchase of 2012- I love it more than a normal person should love an inanimate object. I feel like she deserves a name at this point... I shall call her Pepper.

dress: Zara necklace: J.Crew (hereshoes: J.Crew