Monday, March 28, 2011

for the rainbow.

I wasn't going to do another "project" shopping trip until after Easter, because I gave up shopping for Lent...but that lasted for 5 days, a valiant effort on my part. There's always next year :)

Now that I'm back to my sinner, shopaholic self, I can't wait to get started on phase two of my project. My favorite magazines are InStyle and Real Simple, and as I was flipping through them this month I saw one major trend- COLOR. Considering everything I've worn for this blog so far has been neutral (ahem, boring), I thought this was a perfect time to kick it up a notch and find some obnoxiously bright pieces. Here are the pictures that inspired me:

I especially love the cobalt and yellow combo (shown in the "plays well with" box). I have a cobalt clutch from Club Monaco that I bought a few years ago and have only used a handful of times, so I'm excited to break it out again. Cute, right?

I set my budget at $160, but I'm down to $140 because I saw this adorable yellow top at Target over the weekend. For $20, I figured why not??

It's a bright, sunny day in Chicago (still freezing, don't be fooled), so I'm going to head out to some shops at lunch to see what I can find. Doesn't get any better than shopping in the middle of the day.

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